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Seiko To Create, Custom Cigarette Display Cabinet Design

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2.Material selection

3.Design concept

4.Custom size

5.Appearance design

6.Custom function



In today's competitive market environment, brand image and product display have become one of the core competitiveness pursued by various industries. For the cigarette industry, the importance of customized cigarette display cabinets is self-evident. Display cabinet is not only the carrier of display products, but also an important expression of brand image and culture. A well-designed display case can not only highlight the high-end quality of the product, but also attract the attention of consumers and strengthen the emotional connection between the brand and consumers. Therefore, the demand for customized cigarette display cabinets is increasing, and the design approach is becoming more and more important. In this article, we will explore the design of custom cigarette display cabinet, including material selection, design concept, custom size, appearance design, etc., hoping to provide some useful inspiration and guidance for the brand to create a beautiful display cabinet.

Cigarette display stand

Cigarette display stand

Material selection

The choice of materials for custom cigarette display cabinets is a crucial part of the design process, and different materials will directly affect the appearance, texture, durability and application scene of the display cabinets.

Metal materials are often used to create modern, simple and atmospheric display cases. Metal has excellent toughness and stability, can produce a stable structure, not easy to deform display cabinet, suitable for high-end retail stores and fashion trend places.

Glass materials are often used on the panels or sides of display cabinets, which can clearly display exhibits to consumers and enhance the visual effect and attractiveness of products. The glass display case is transparent and bright, suitable for high-end shopping malls, specialty stores and other places, and can effectively display the exquisite packaging and unique charm of cigarettes.

As a traditional display case material, wood has a natural texture and warmth, and is often used to create display cases with retro, literary or elegant style. Wooden display cabinets have a unique charm in homes, cafes and other places, which can create a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment for consumers.

In addition to the above common materials, there are materials such as plastic, acrylic and other materials also have their own advantages and application scenarios, designers should be based on the brand positioning, product characteristics and use of the scene and other factors, choose the most appropriate materials to create customized cigarette display cases.

Design concept

The design concept of customized cigarette display cabinets is diverse, often based on factors such as brand image, product positioning and target audience. Among them, simplicity, luxury and modern is one of the common design concepts, they have their own characteristics, but all pay attention to design and quality complement each other.

Simple style display cabinet design pursues simple and clear appearance and structure, focusing on functionality and practicality. The simple design style is usually reflected in the simple and smooth lines, soft and elegant colors, not too much modification, highlighting the characteristics and quality of the product itself. Simple style display cabinets are suitable for all kinds of places, which can highlight the professionalism and modern sense of the brand, and provide consumers with a comfortable shopping experience.

Luxury style display cabinet design pays attention to gorgeous, exquisite appearance and material, the pursuit of noble, luxurious atmosphere. Luxury display cases are usually made of high-end materials such as metal and glass, with exquisite decoration and carving, showing a unique sense of taste and quality. Luxury style display cabinets are commonly found in high-end shopping malls, luxury hotels and other places, which can attract high-end consumer groups and enhance the brand image and sense of value of products.

Modern style display case design emphasizes fashion, avant-garde appearance and innovative design concept. Modern display cases usually use simple lines and shapes, with advanced materials and processes, reflecting a sense of science and technology and forward-looking. Modern style display cabinets are commonly found in trendy retail stores, exhibition halls and other places, which can attract young and fashionable consumer groups and show the innovation and vitality of the brand.

Different design concepts have their own characteristics in customized cigarette display cabinets, but they all pursue the complementary design and quality, providing strong support for brand marketing and product display. Designers should be based on brand positioning and the needs of the target audience, flexible use of different design concepts, to create a display case in line with the brand image and consumer preferences.

Custom size

The importance of customizing the display cabinet size is to ensure that the display cabinet can perfectly adapt to the space and needs of the customer, so as to achieve the best display effect and use experience. First of all, the customized size can make full use of the display space, so that the display cabinet is coordinated with the surrounding environment, to avoid the awkward situation of inappropriate size. If the size of the display cabinet is too large or too small, it will affect the display effect and look of the product, and reduce the practicality and aesthetics of the display cabinet.

Customized display cabinet size according to customer needs can also improve space utilization, so that the display space can be used more effectively. The space size and shape of different places are different, and the customized size can be adjusted according to the actual situation to ensure that the display cabinet can make full use of the space, display more products and improve the display effect.

Customized display case sizes can also meet customer specific needs and requirements, such as special display space limitations, product quantity and variety. By customizing the size, the structure and layout of the display cabinet can be designed according to the needs of customers, so that the display cabinet can better meet the actual needs of customers and improve the display effect and user experience.

It is very important to customize the display cabinet size according to customer needs, to ensure that the display cabinet is compatible with the display space, improve the space utilization rate, and meet the specific needs and requirements of customers, so as to achieve the best display effect and use experience. Therefore, when designing and customizing display cabinets, the needs and actual situation of customers should be fully considered, and the appropriate size should be selected to ensure that the display cabinet can achieve the best results.

Appearance design

Appearance design is very important for customized cigarette display cabinet, it is not only a tool to display products, but also the embodiment of brand image and taste. First of all, color matching is a crucial part of the appearance design. The right color match can attract the eye of customers and create a comfortable shopping atmosphere. For high-end cigarette display cabinets, the commonly used color combinations are usually elegant black, luxurious gold or silver, which can highlight the noble quality of the product and attract more attention.

Modeling design is also one of the keys to the appearance design of the display cabinet. A unique and elegant design can attract the attention of customers and enhance the brand image and recognition. Some high-end cigarette display cabinets will use a streamlined design, smooth lines, simple and elegant appearance, giving people a sense of elegance, so as to enhance the added value of the product.

Decorative details are also an indispensable part of the exterior design. Detailed decoration can add texture and layer to the display cabinet and enhance its overall beauty. For example, metal borders, glass decals, carving techniques and so on are common decorative details, they can make the display case more delicate and rich taste.

Appearance design is crucial for customized cigarette display cabinets, which can not only attract customers' attention, enhance brand image and recognition, but also enhance the shopping experience and create a more comfortable and pleasant shopping environment for customers. Therefore, when customizing cigarette display cabinets, we must pay attention to the appearance design, pay attention to the color matching, shape design and decorative details, and create a display cabinet that is consistent with the brand image, so as to enhance the added value and competitiveness of the product.

Custom function

The function customization of customized cigarette display cabinets is one of the important means to meet the special needs of customers. First of all, the lighting system is a key part of the display cabinet function customization. Different display sites and environments may require different types of lighting schemes, such as LED lights, spotlights, etc. Customers can customize the appropriate lighting scheme according to the location and environmental characteristics of the display cabinet to ensure that the products in the display cabinet can be fully illuminated and attract the attention of customers.

The design of drawers and storage Spaces is also an important aspect of the customization of display cabinet functions. Customers may need to include drawers or lockers within the display cabinet to store items such as change, invoices, cleaning tools, etc., to increase efficiency and convenience. The design of these drawers and storage Spaces should take into account the ease of use and aesthetics, so that it matches the overall style of the display cabinet.

The lock system is also an important part of the display cabinet function customization. For some display cases that require security protection, such as jewelry stores, high-end tobacco hotels, etc., customers may need to customize a safe and reliable lock system to protect the valuables in the display cabinet from theft or damage. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the design and installation location of the lock system when customizing the display cabinet to ensure its safety and convenience.

The function customization of customized cigarette display cabinets can meet the special needs of customers and improve the practicality and convenience of display cabinets. Customers can customize the lighting system, drawer and storage space, lock system and other functions according to their own needs and use scenarios, in order to create customized display cases that meet their own requirements, improve the brand image and service quality.


As a manufacturer with 18 years of experience in custom display stand, our factory adheres to the concept of professionalism, quality and service first, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality custom display stand products. We have an experienced, skilled product design team, the team members have many years of industry experience and innovation awareness, can tailor-made for customers to meet their needs and brand image display products. In terms of production and manufacturing, we have introduced advanced production equipment and technology, and strictly control the production process to ensure that every display shelf product can meet high standards of quality requirements.

In addition to the guarantee of product quality, we also pay attention to the rationality and competitiveness of the price. By optimizing the production process and management mode, we effectively control the production cost, so that the product price in the same industry to maintain an advantage, to provide customers with a competitive price.

We attach importance to after-sales service and always put customer satisfaction in the first place. Whether it is the problem in the process of product use or after-sales needs, we will respond in time and provide professional solutions to ensure that the rights and interests of customers are fully protected.

Our factory has a strong strength and rich experience, in product design, quality control, price advantage and after-sales service has a significant advantage. We are willing to work with customers to jointly create competitive and innovative customized display shelf products to meet market demand, and provide strong support for customer business development.

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