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Quality First, Refined, Automotive Oil Display Rack Design And Production

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2.Automotive oil display design principles

3.Structure and material of automobile oil display stand

4.Production process and technology

5.Design and customization services

6.Cost and benefit analysis

7.The strength of our factory



In the automotive maintenance industry, automotive oil is one of the indispensable important products, and the automotive oil display as a tool to display and sell this key product, plays a vital role in the automotive service. Automobile oil display is not only a simple display tool, but also a display window for brand image, which is an effective means to enhance sales, attract customers and shape brand image. In a highly competitive market environment, the concept of quality first has become the core of the design and production of automotive oil display stands. The elaborate design is not only to show the product, but also to convey the brand values and the image of the enterprise, and enhance the customer's awareness and trust of the brand. This paper will deeply discuss the design principles, production process, quality standards and the importance of commercial value of automotive oil display stand, in order to provide some useful reference and inspiration for practitioners in the automotive service industry.

Engine oil display stand

Engine oil display stand

Automotive oil display design principles

The design of an automotive oil display needs to follow a series of principles to ensure that it can play the best role in practical applications. The first is aesthetics, the appearance design of the display shelf should attract customers' attention, enhance the brand image, and enhance the shopping experience. A beautiful display can not only attract customers to stay, but also increase the sales of products. The second is practicality, the design of the display shelf should take into account the actual use needs of customers, such as easy to pick and place, easy to browse, etc., to improve shopping efficiency and customer satisfaction. At the same time, the durability of the display shelf is also crucial, it needs to be able to withstand a long time of use and frequent movement, maintain stability and structural integrity, to ensure that long-term use will not occur failure or damage.

These design principles directly affect the function and effect of the display stand. Beautiful design can attract more customers' attention, increase their interest in the product and purchase desire. Practical design can improve the shopping experience of customers, make it easier for them to find the products they need, and reduce shopping time and improve shopping efficiency. The durable design ensures the stability and reliability of the display stand in long-term use, reducing maintenance and replacement costs, while also protecting the display product from damage or waste. Therefore, following these design principles can not only improve the functionality and practicality of the display stand, but also improve the brand image and sales effect, and bring more business value to the automotive service industry.

Structure and material of automobile oil display stand

In the design of automobile oil display stands, common display stand structure types include single layer, multi-layer and rotating display stands. Single-layer display rack is usually suitable for displaying a small number of products, and its structure is simple, the layout is clear, and it is easy for customers to browse and choose. Multi-layer display shelves can effectively use space, display more products in a limited space, and improve display efficiency and product types. The rotating display has a 360-degree rotation, which can make it easier for customers to view products from all angles, increasing the flexibility and attractiveness of the display.

The impact of different materials on the performance and appearance of the display rack is also an important factor to consider. Metal display stands usually have strong load-bearing capacity and stability, and are suitable for displaying products with larger weight, while having better durability and long-term use characteristics. Plastic display stands are light and easy to handle, suitable for temporary display or places that need to change positions frequently, but the load-bearing capacity is relatively weak. Wood display shelves are often used to create a warm and natural atmosphere, beautiful appearance, but need to pay attention to moisture, corrosion and other issues to ensure long-term stability and safety.

When selecting the type of material and structure of the display shelf, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the characteristics of the product and the display needs to ensure the best performance of the display effect and customer experience.

Production process and technology

The production process of automobile oil display stand is one of the keys to ensure the quality and stability of the display stand. Common manufacturing processes include welding, riveting and sheet metal.

Welding is a common joining process in which metal materials are heated to a molten state so that they fuse with each other to achieve connection. The welding process can ensure the firmness and stability of the connection points, which is suitable for the production of complex structures and high load-bearing requirements. However, welding requires professional technology and equipment, and the processing cost is relatively high.

Riveting is another common joining process that forms a strong connection by attaching fixings such as rivets or rivet nuts to the two parts being joined. The riveting process has the characteristics of simple structure and strong connection, which is suitable for making some display stands with light load and simple structure, and the production cost is relatively low.

Sheet metal is a process in which sheet metal is cut, bent and assembled according to design requirements. The sheet metal process can realize the production of display stands of various complex shapes and structures, and has the advantages of low cost and fast production speed. However, compared with welding and riveting, the display frame made of sheet metal may be slightly insufficient in the bearing capacity and stability, and is suitable for light load display environment.

In the production of automobile oil display stand, it is necessary to choose the appropriate production process according to the design requirements of the display stand, bearing capacity and budget, to ensure the quality and stability of the display stand.

Design and customization services

The design process of automotive oil display stands usually includes steps such as preliminary design, sample production and custom service. In the preliminary design stage, the display stand manufacturer will communicate with the customer to understand the needs and requirements of the customer, including the size, shape, material, color and so on. Based on the needs of customers, designers will carry out preliminary design, put forward the overall idea and design scheme of the display rack, and confirm and communicate with customers to ensure that the design scheme meets the expectations and needs of customers.

After determining the design plan, the manufacturer usually makes a sample display stand for the customer's reference. The sample display shelf can let customers intuitively understand the appearance, size, quality and other aspects of the display shelf, and can also help customers better adjust and modify the design of the display shelf. Customers can put forward modification suggestions and suggestions according to the actual effect of the sample display rack and their own needs, and the manufacturer will adjust according to the feedback of customers until the effect of customer satisfaction is achieved.

In addition to providing standard display stands, manufacturers also provide customization services to customize display stands according to the specific needs of customers. Customized services can meet the individual needs of customers for display shelves, such as printing the customer's brand identity on the display shelf, adjusting the size and shape of the display shelf to suit the specific display environment. Through customized services, customers can obtain display shelves that meet their own brand image and store characteristics, improve the display effect and brand image of products, and attract more consumers' attention.

The design process of automobile oil display rack covers preliminary design, sample production and customized services and other links, through full communication and cooperation with customers, manufacturers can design and produce a display rack that meets customer expectations according to customer needs and requirements, improve product display effect and brand image, and promote sales growth.

Cost and benefit analysis

The production cost of automobile oil display stand is mainly composed of material cost, labor cost, design cost and production process. Different materials and manufacturing processes will have different degrees of impact on the cost. For example, the use of metal materials and precision manufacturing processes will increase production costs, but at the same time, it can improve the durability and beauty of the display shelf. Using materials such as plastic or wood is relatively inexpensive, but may sacrifice in terms of durability and appearance.

The rate of return on investment is one of the important indicators to evaluate the investment benefit of automobile oil display stand. To improve the return on investment, we first need to ensure the quality and appearance of the display shelf through careful design and production, attract consumers' attention, and promote product sales. Secondly, the design of the display shelf should fully take into account the effect of product display and space utilization, and maximize the type and quantity of products, so as to increase sales. In addition, regular maintenance and updating of the display shelf is also one of the important factors to maintain the return on investment, ensuring that the display shelf is always in good condition and attractive, and continues to attract customers to buy.

Through careful design and production of display stands, the efficiency of display stands can be improved and the balance between cost and benefit can be achieved. By controlling the production cost and improving the attraction and sales effect of the display stand, the return on investment can be effectively improved and the investment can be maximized. Therefore, the production cost and return on investment of automobile oil display stand are factors that manufacturers need to focus on and balance in the design and production process, which are related to the commercial value and investment efficiency of the display stand.

The strength level of our factory

Our factory is a manufacturer with 18 years of custom display rack experience, adhering to the pursuit of quality and professional attitude, we are committed to providing customers with high quality display rack products. In these years of development, we have a senior product design team, they have rich design experience and innovation awareness, can provide personalized customized solutions according to customer needs, to ensure that the display rack design and customer brand image fit, while focusing on practicality and aesthetics.

Our factory focuses on product quality, the use of high-quality materials and advanced production technology, strict control of every link to ensure the stability and durability of products. Whether it is the structural design of the display stand or the surface treatment, we strictly control the quality to ensure that every product can meet the needs and expectations of customers.

At the same time, our factory also attaches great importance to the interests of customers, our products are reasonable and competitive, and strive to provide customers with cost-effective products. We focus on communication and cooperation with customers to understand their needs and opinions, and provide them with timely pre-sales consultation and after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

In the display industry, our factory has won the trust and support of our customers by virtue of its strong strength and quality service. We will constantly strive to innovate, improve product quality and service level, and create greater value and better experience for customers.


The design and production of automobile oil display stand have important value and significance for automobile sales and maintenance industry. The quality first and elaborate design concept is the core of the display shelf, which directly affects the display effect and the transmission of product image. Through careful design and production, the display stand can provide a prominent display platform for automotive oil, attract customers' attention, and enhance brand image and product awareness. At the same time, reasonable design can also improve the shopping experience of customers, making it more convenient to buy the products they need. Therefore, the design and production of automobile oil display is not only a simple display tool, but also an important means to enhance brand value and sales effect. The design concept of quality first will become the long-term value of the display shelf, establish a high-quality image for the brand, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market competition. Therefore, for the design and production of automobile oil display stand, the concept of quality first and exquisite is indispensable, which will bring more considerable benefits and benefits to the automobile sales and maintenance industry.

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