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Design Innovation, Leading The Trend, Automotive Hub Display Frame Structure And Material Selection

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2.Structure and design principles

3.Material selection and characteristics

4.Innovative design case

5.Future development trend

6.The strength of our factory



In the automotive parts display, the automotive hub display frame plays a crucial role. As a special display tool for displaying automobile wheels, wheel display rack is not only a platform for displaying products, but also an important embodiment of brand image and a key link in sales. With the continuous development of the automotive industry and the increase in consumer demand for personalized customization, the wheel hub as an important part of the appearance of the car, its display method and effect have become more and more important.

The design and production of automobile wheel display stand directly affect the product display effect and shopping experience. Well-designed display rack can not only make wheel hub products more prominent and attractive, but also enhance consumers' desire to buy and brand impression. This paper will deeply explore the structure and material selection of automobile hub display stand, analyze the design principles and innovation cases, aiming to provide readers with a comprehensive guide on the design and production of automobile hub display stand, to help them better understand and apply in practice.

Car wheel hub display stand

Car wheel hub display stand

Structure and design principles

There are a variety of structural types of automotive hub display stands, including common single-layer, multi-layer and rotary display stands. Single-layer display stand is usually a simple flat display stand, suitable for displaying a single hub or a small number of hubs, and its structure is simple and clear, easy to browse and buy. Multi-layer display stands can display multiple wheels at the same time, effectively use space, improve display efficiency, suitable for larger display sites or need to display multiple products. The rotating display shelf has a 360-degree rotation function, and consumers can freely rotate the shelf, which is convenient to watch and compare different styles of wheels, and improve the shopping experience.

When designing automotive hub display stands, some basic design principles need to be followed to ensure that the display stands are both beautiful, practical and durable. First of all, aesthetics is an important consideration in the design of display shelves, which directly affects the attractiveness and brand image of products. Therefore, the appearance design of the display stand should be simple and generous, in line with the product style and brand positioning, while taking into account color, material and other factors, so that the display stand and the product complement each other. Secondly, practicality is the key element of the design of the display shelf, the display shelf needs to have good functionality and operability, convenient for consumers to watch and buy products. The structure of the display stand should be solid, able to bear the weight of the wheel hub, and easy to maintain and clean. Finally, durability is an important indicator of display shelf design, display shelf needs to have a long service life, can withstand the test of long-term use and environment, and maintain a stable display effect and quality image. Therefore, in the selection of materials and production process need to pay attention to quality and durability, to ensure that the display shelf can be maintained in good condition for a long time.

Material selection and characteristics

Common automotive hub display stand materials include metal, plastic and wood, each material has some unique characteristics, have a certain impact on the performance and appearance of the display stand.

Metal is a commonly used display shelf material, with high strength and stability, suitable for making durable display shelves. Metal display stands are usually made of iron, aluminum alloy and other materials, the surface is sprayed or chrome plated, the appearance is smooth and bright, with good texture and visual effect. Metal display stands are suitable for displaying heavy wheels or for long-term display, such as automobile 4S stores, specialty stores, etc.

Plastic display stands have the characteristics of lightweight, flexible and low cost, suitable for making simple display stands or temporary display purposes. The production process of plastic display stands is simple, and it can be molded according to needs to make display stands of various shapes and structures. Although the load-bearing capacity of plastic display stands is relatively low, its appearance can be personalized by spraying, printing and other processes, which is suitable for some specific display scenes, such as temporary promotion activities in supermarkets and exhibition sites.

Wood display stands are often used to create a high-end, stylish display atmosphere with a natural texture and elegant appearance. Wood display stands are usually made of solid wood or artificial wood, after grinding and painting treatment, the appearance is smooth and smooth, and has a good visual effect. Wood display stands are suitable for displaying high-end wheels or pursuing a sense of quality, such as car showrooms, luxury shopping centers and so on.

Display shelves of different materials have their own characteristics, and appropriate materials and production processes can be selected according to actual needs and scenes to achieve the best display effect and use experience.

Innovative design case

Custom display stand is a display solution designed to meet the individual needs of customers. For automotive hub display stands, the design process of custom display stands usually begins with adequate communication with the customer. Display stand manufacturers work closely with customers to understand their brand image, product characteristics and display needs. Based on the wheel size, color, material and other information provided by the customer, the display stand manufacturer will carry out accurate design and customization.

Custom display stands can be designed according to the wheel size of a specific model, ensuring that the display stands are perfectly matched to the product, thus effectively displaying the appearance and features of the product. In addition, customized display shelves can also be personalized according to the customer's brand image and the actual situation of the display site. For example, the logo and slogan of the customer brand can be added to the display shelf to enhance the brand image. The color, material and structure of the display stand can also be customized according to the customer's requirements to ensure the best display results.

Through custom display stands, automobile wheel brands and dealers can better display their products, highlight the features and advantages of products, and attract consumers' attention. Customized display rack can not only improve the display effect of the product, but also enhance the brand image and enhance consumers' trust and goodwill towards the product. Therefore, custom display stands have important commercial significance and value for automobile wheel brands and dealers.

Future development trend

With the continuous progress of science and technology and design concepts, the design of automobile wheel display stands is also constantly evolving and innovating, showing some obvious future development trends. First of all, the application of new technology is an important aspect of display stand design. For example, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies can be combined with display stands to provide consumers with a more vivid and interactive product display experience. Through VR and AR technology, consumers can watch the display effect of the wheel hub in a virtual environment, and even make real-time customization, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

The application of new materials will also affect the future development of display stand design. With the popularization of the concept of sustainable development, the use of environmentally friendly materials and renewable materials will be promoted. For example, the use of biodegradable plastics or recycled materials to manufacture display shelves can reduce the impact on the environment and meet the requirements of sustainable development. In addition, the application of new materials can also improve the durability, corrosion resistance and lightweight of the display stand, further optimizing product performance.

The change of design concept will also promote the development of display rack design. The future display stand design may pay more attention to simplicity, fashion and personalization to meet the needs of consumers seeking personalization and a sense of quality. At the same time, the introduction of humanized design and intelligent functions will also become the trend of future display rack design, for example, the addition of intelligent induction lighting, automatic rotation display, wireless charging and other functions will further improve the display effect and user experience.

In the future, the design of automobile wheel display stands will pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, material environmental protection and personalized design to meet the changing needs of consumers and market trends. The display design industry needs to constantly keep pace with The Times, actively absorb new technologies, new materials and new ideas, and constantly innovate and improve in order to win the advantage of market competition.

The strength of our factory

Our factory is a manufacturer with up to 18 years of custom display rack experience, with years of industry accumulation and continuous technological innovation, we have a wealth of experience and professional knowledge in the field of display rack. Our team has a group of senior product designers, they have rich design experience and creative thinking, according to customer needs and market trends, to provide customers with unique and practical display stand design solutions.

In terms of product quality, we always put quality first. We strictly control every production link, the use of high-quality materials and advanced production technology, to ensure that each display shelf has excellent quality and stable performance. Whether it is exterior design or structural stability, we are committed to doing our best to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

In addition to high quality products, we are also known for our favorable prices. By continuously improving production efficiency and reducing costs, we are able to provide customers with competitive prices, so that customers can enjoy high quality products at the same time, but also get more affordable price concessions.

We also pay attention to after-sales service guarantee. We have a professional after-sales team, can respond to customer needs and feedback in a timely manner, to provide customers with timely and comprehensive after-sales support and service. We always adhere to the customer-centric principle, and strive to create a more satisfactory shopping experience and service experience for customers.

Our factory has a strong strength and advantages, has a wealth of experience and professional knowledge in the field of display shelf customization, can provide customers with high quality, price preferential products and thoughtful after-sales service, to create more value and benefits for customers. We look forward to working with you to develop together and create a better future.


The design and material selection of automotive hub display stand are very important for the automotive retail industry. Through carefully designed display rack, not only can effectively display the characteristics and advantages of automobile wheels, but also enhance the attractiveness of the product and brand image. The selection of appropriate materials and structural design can ensure the stability and durability of the display shelf, thus ensuring the safe display and long-term use of the product.

In terms of design innovation, the constant pursuit of novel and practical design concepts is the key to leading the trend. Innovative design can attract the attention of consumers and enhance the competitiveness and market share of products. With the continuous change of consumer demand and the continuous development of science and technology, display rack design needs to keep pace with The Times and continue to innovate to meet the needs of the market and customer expectations.

Display stand design also faces some challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, the market competition is fierce, and the design of the display shelf needs continuous innovation and improvement to maintain a competitive advantage. On the other hand, with the continuous development of the automotive retail industry and the trend of intelligence, display rack design is also facing higher requirements and challenges, and it needs to be combined with intelligent technology to improve the product display effect and user experience.

The importance and value of the design and material selection of automobile wheel hub display stand are self-evident. Through reasonable design and selection of high-quality materials, display shelves can become an important tool to attract consumers' attention, enhance brand image and sales effect. Display design industry needs to continue to innovate and progress, in order to adapt to market changes and customer needs, open up a broader space for development.

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